Tie Faith is a journey of self-discovery.
It illuminates our profound presence — beyond fleeting thoughts, 
beyond fleeting emotions.
It  awakens our capacity to
connect with reality and
attribute personal value to it.
A wondrous capacity for faith.

Tie Faith encompasses
mindfulness-style meditations
that place the stepping stones of this journey.

Tai Faith involves five virtues:

A feeling of tranquility, emerges from the depth of our existence, independent of anything external.

The ability to let go of passing thoughts, emotions, memories… as we feel that we are more than them. We allow them to simply be, without adopting or engaging with them. 

A sense of confidence, accompanying us as we perceive the good and the right in our eyes, shaping paths of personal lives that hold significance and meaning for us.

Joy, which awakens within us when we are connected to our lives, living them wholeheartedly, with love, and experiencing a sense of self-fulfillment.

The vitality of the body, yes, the body. It strengthens within us as we are present in it, flow and awaken its life forces. 

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