Tie Faith is a Mindfulness Based
‘My Way’ training.
This training includes diverse meditations, all of which strengthen and fulfill
our capacity for faith.

The Capacity for faith appears and acts in life as a vital energy:

In our spirit it gives personal value to thoughts, feelings… and brings them to life in our actual life.

In our body it triggers resilience, recovery and renewal.

There may be a certain moment in life where we look into ourselves. we look deeply and examine our life. Suddenly, it happens. Our particular way of life is revealed to us as a possibility.
It may be that this life has been forced upon us, but it no longer forces us. Nothing forces us.

While trusting ourselves – we can relate to different objects and give them personal values, whether good or bad. Thoughts, feelings, behaviors, aspirations… – we can give them personal values and revive some of them in our life. This is our Capacity for Faith.