Tie Faith is a Mindfulness Based
'My Way' Fulfillment training.
This training includes diverse meditations, all of which strengthen and fulfill
our capacity for faith.

The Capacity for faith appears and acts in life as a vital energy:

In our spirit it gives personal value to thoughts, feelings… and brings them to life in our actual life.

In our body it triggers resilience, recovery and renewal.

There may be a certain moment in life where we look into ourselves. we look deeply and examine our life. Suddenly, it will happen. Our particular way of life will be revealed to us only as a possibility.
It may be that this life has been forced upon us, but they no longer force us. Nothing forces us.

While trusting ourselves – we can relate to different objects and give them personal values, whether good or bad. Thoughts, feelings, behaviors, aspirations… – we can give them personal values and revive some of them in our life. This is our Capacity for Faith.