What is good and what is right in my eyes? What is my path, that I will find meaning in it, and walk it with joy? What is special about me and what distinguishes me from other people?

These questions were the starting point for my research. I described in it the characteristic of human excellence – the capacity to give personal value to life, the capacity for faith.

The capacity for faith was presented for the first time in a master thesis directed by and inspired by Prof. Yesha Sivan. A profound understanding was achieved in my doctoral research under the supervision of Professor Avi Sagi.

In both studies, it emerged alongside other human qualities, intricately intertwined with them.

In recent years I have been developing experience in meditation and study, which awakens the capacity for faith and the virtues associated with it. I call it Tai Faith.

I divide my time between research and teaching to people who have awakened to themselves and are asking about the riddle of life.

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