When we want to make someone happy
We want to give them something.
We may cook something good and give it to them.
But the most precious thing we can give them
is not something we can buy from the market.
It’s our true and deep presence.
(inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Our knowledge of ourselves begins with the living, pulsating, moving body.

Within the body resides the spirit,
a collection of abilities –
to think, to feel, to imagine,
even to move and express.

Around each such ability, various possibilities emerge – thoughts, emotions, and other possible behaviors.

But we are not a collection, nor we identical to the possibilities that appear within us.

Beyond thoughts, beyond feelings… we  exist deeper. We carry them, experience them, are aware of them, and can even let them go. 

Our deep presence is expressed concretely through the capacity for faith.

© Tie Faith, All Rights Reserved