Tie Faith establishes the conditions under which the capacity for faith occurs:
– it creates an appropriate consciousness, an inner window, through which a person gets to know himself, reality, and the relationship between them.
– it encourages suitable behaviors that align with this consciousness.
This consciousness forms a worldview that prompts us to acknowledge existence and assign personal value to various possibilities. 

Tai Faith includes short meditations, in the style of mindfulness.

They awaken suitable experiences within us, and refresh the window of consciousness.

Like vitamins of faith, they are directed especially towards the capacity for faith and strengthen its recognition. This is why they are referred to as Faithamins.

Tai Faith is constantly evolving. It incorporates new meditations and melodies that guide the learners on the paths of the journey.

Additionally, it embraces a new form of body movement that operates on the spirit. This movement opens up new avenues of contemplation and serves as a kind of meditation.

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